250+ Joyful Art Journaling Prompts: Book One!

In all the years I’ve been blogging about art journaling, one of the most frequently asked questions I get is: how do I make something in my art journal when I can’t think of anything to make?! It finally dawned on me to create my latest book, 250+ Joyful Art Journaling Prompts! 

Of course, a huge part of this blog is sharing art journaling ideas and prompts. Plus I created an online art journal idea generator.

But I know many of us art journalers aren’t at our computers while we’re working in our art journals. 

So a book seemed like the perfect solution! You can keep it in your craft room, with your art journal supplies, and even throw it in your bag and take it with you on the go! 

Here’s How 250+ Joyful Art Journaling Prompts works

It’s simple, really!

On each page of the book, there’s an art journal idea: a color, a technique, a prompt or a material/supply. 

You simply flip the book to three pages, and combine your results into an art journal spread! 

For instance, you might land on “your favorite color, pencil, and crumple paper.” You would use these three prompts to create a page (or pages) in your art journal.

Of course, there are no rules in art! Use the book however you’d like: flip to 3 pages, or 1! Or 10!

In addition to the idea on the right side of the page, I also offer expanded ideas for each prompt (except for on the color pages).

For instance: if you flip to the page that says “Stripes”, on the facing page you’ll see the following suggestions:

  • Use stripes as a background
  • Create someone wearing stripes
  • Use a bit of striped fabric, tape, or paper on your page

Use the extra creative suggestions only if you need them. I believe the greatest ideas for your art journal are ultimately your own. Especially because art journaling is so personal and creative.

But also: if you don’t have a supply mentioned? Skip it and flip again!

Hate a color you’ve landed on? Flip again!

Don’t like the prompt? Just flip again for a new result.

Again, there are no rules in art. Especially in art that is so personal to YOU.

By the way, you may have noticed I used the word “create” in the expanded prompt ideas. I use that word on purpose: because it might mean drawing someone, painting someone, collaging someone, etc.! These ideas are meant to inspire you, not box you in. 

My true hope is that 250+ Joyful Art Journaling Prompts: Book One provides you unlimited inspiration in your art journals for years to come!