Hi there! I’m Jules…

  • passionate art journaler
  • artist
  • mom of two amazing daughters
  • creative business coach
  • teacher
  • tea-drinker
  • loud-laugher
  • tattoo-collector
  • infp
  • and creative explorer! 

It’s that last one I want to get into today.

You see, after being in business online for a few years, as well as selling my art online, I went back to art school at 36. I thought maybe I’d become an art teacher, but “Art School” wanted me to be an Artist with a Capital A. I just wanted to make art and have fun! (Hence the vague and dual major of “Fine Arts and Illustration” plus dabbling in printmaking and 3D art!) Basically, I just wanted to do ALL THE THINGS.

But the Art World wants to put you in a niche (it’s easier to sell your work that way.)

So, in the end, I said screw it! (But probably with an f-word instead!) With my entrepreneurial spirit and my rebellious nature, I decided that if I were going to be an artist, I would do it MY way. So… I dropped out. Started making art. Started selling art. And started teaching other artists and creatives how to do the same.

And I’ve never regretted it once.

Okay… maybe once. But, if you looked at my website, you’d see: my art is still sort of all over the place: I make abstracts, digital art, portraits, and even collage. And I learned it’s true what the “Art World” says: it’s harder to sell your work as an artist when you don’t do ONE thing, with a distinctive style.

Harder… yes. But not impossible!

Still… I craved a creative outlet that had NO PRESSURE. I’d always kept art journals and sketchbooks in college, but at some point I fell out of the habit.

But recently I started art journaling again, and it has been so freeing! I absolutely LOVE the fact that there are NO rules! That I can create in any style or medium or color I want! It absolutely brings me joy.

And I think the world could use a little more JOY. (Don’t you?)

That’s why I created this site: to bring you art journal ideas, art journal inspiration, sketchbook ideas, even some bullet journaling, and more! I’hope you’ll stay awhile. Even more, I hope you’ll come back for more inspiration from time to time.

With love & joy,

About Joyful Art Journaling Jules

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