Art Journal Ephemera Giveaway!

UPDATE: The winner for this giveaway (@lynda1655) was announced 05.27.20 on my IG account. But if you’d like to enter to win a future giveaway, be sure to follow me on Instagram


Normally I wouldn’t write about an Instagram giveaway on my blog, but because there’s SO MUCH in this art journal ephemera giveaway, I needed a place to list everything. 😉 

(Plus I thought it would be nice for those of you who aren’t on Instagram a chance to win, too!

The Instagram post up and running, so enter to win here. If you want to follow me there before I announce the giveaway, you can click this link and hit “follow”. (It will open in a new tab.)

I’m including (at least!) 65 pieces of art journal ephemera in the giveaway, maybe more if I find some extras that I feel will be a good fit. I’m planning on doing more art journal ephemera giveaways in the future, too — each with it’s own theme or feel. 

The theme to this giveaway is Vintage… with smaller themes of birds and mushrooms. You can see some of the photos on Instagram, and more below.

But I wanted to make a general list of what is included, so here we go:

  • postage stamps
  • botanical stickers
  • transparent images
  • floral cutouts
  • bits of a vintage handwritten note
  • paint color samples
  • new floral pattern sheets
  • vintage maps
  • colorblocks
  • cutout birds (from 1 1970’s book)
  • 1915 Dictionary pages
  • an old game board
  • old fashioned school papers
  • new mini envelope
  • 1974 mushroom illustrations
  • old Ledger paper
  • blank old book pages 
  • vintage floral illustrations
  • black and white photo
  • 1960’s magazine cutout
  • doilie
  • vintage astronomy book page
  • vintage storybook illustrations
  • and more!

Just some of the ephemera I'm giving away in this art journal ephemera giveaway! Enter to win on Instagram. #joyfulartjournaling

As I mentioned before, almost everything included is vintage or vintage inspired for this giveaway. 

Enter to win by following me on Instagram, and tagging a friend you think would enjoy winning this art journal ephemera giveaway! Each person you tag counts as one entry. This giveaway is open worldwide, but please note we are not responsible for any customs fees, duties or taxes.

PLEASE NOTE. Because of COVID 19, the USPS is not shipping to the countries listed here. If you happen to live in one of those countries and win the giveaway, your prize will be delayed until the USPS starts shipping to your country again. It’s a bummer, but you’ll get them eventually! 

If you’re not on Instagram, you can also enter to win by commenting on this post below (a share on Pinterest or Facebook, etc. would be nice, too!)

More of the ephemera you can win in this art journal ephemera giveaway! Enter to win on Instagram. #joyfulartjournaling

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  • I am SOOO very new to the Art of Creating different kinds of journals. I have not been doing it long but already I am hooked. Winning the collection of goodies would be so welcome. I promise to give them a great creative home. I can’t wait until June’s play time!

  • The ephemera will add some interest and creativity to an art journal. Thanks for a chance to be in a drawing for this package.

  • Interesting assortment. Brings to mind a number of different opportunities I would love to try.

  • miss lala li lucy holy guac i not know how to 'control any of this stuff... instagram or here... 62 yo 'fartist'... fart art w art... love joyful anything... would adore to win ur ephemera! ta v much! i'd share a pic/art here but not know how! says:

    well i GUESS was spozed to write HERE! left a ‘below’ somehow… but it seems to have ‘not counted’? sigh. love the name joyful (anything) art of… i am 62 and call self a fartist… would to win ur E-femme-ura would to share a little art w u here but not know how! well ta v much any way! SINcerely….

  • did i win?! (still don’t know how to ‘work/use’ this space?!) thank u for doing it anyway! it’s fun to think of winning… anything… anytime. i go to a (little local used) bookstore that has a big pile of ‘ephemera’ from all the they buy… playing cards, etc. i want! i’ll have to.tell them… they nice

  • I shared on Instagram and Pinterest too. This set Is absolutely beautiful
    Thank you