Art Journal Ideas: Using Crate Paper Stickers and Die-Cuts in Your Journal

If you’re as obsessed as I am with art journaling, you’re probably always looking for new art journal ideas like me! So when I saw a friend post on Instagram about a Crate Paper sticker pack she just purchased I knew that: a). I HAD to buy one for myself, and b). share the goods with you!

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Now, I have a few vintage stickers in my stash, and I’ve drawn on sticker paper and included that in my art journals, plus I have some stickers specifically for my bullet journal, but I haven’t really used stickers in my art journals very much. Well, I can tell you now, that is about it change! Check out this video of my flip-through of these gorgeous Crate Paper stickers and die-cuts:

And if you don’t have time to watch the video, here are some photos to give you a general idea of what’s included:

Art Journal Ideas: Using Crate Paper Stickers and Die-Cuts in Your Journal #joyfulartjournaling

Art Journal Ideas: Using Crate Paper Stickers and Die-Cuts in Your Journal #joyfulartjournaling

The large sticker pad and ephemera die-cuts are from the Journal Studio collection, and the tall pack is from Crate Paper’s Wild Heart collection. Aren’t they lovely?

But the question then was: what art journal ideas can I come up with to use them?!

So, I don’t know about you, but I have several different art journals — and art journal types — going at one time. At the bare minimum I have an art journal that’s almost more like a sketchbook, where I explore my creativity with mediums, styles, techniques and more. So it’s mostly filled with art. My second art journal is more of an actual journal where I write about my days, feelings, etc., but I also include art that I’ve made, ephemera from my days (like maybe movie theater tickets, a business card from a shop I visited, the logo cut from the bag of my local art supply shop, etc.)

I decided the art journal where I document my days was the perfect spot for these stickers and ephemera die-cuts! I went ahead and put some on a two-page spread (along with some other ephemera I’ve collected from various sources). What I’ll do now is fill in the rest of the pages with written words about my days.

Art Journal Ideas: Using Crate Paper Stickers in my art Journal

In my art journals that are mainly art, I realized that using these Crate Paper stickers and die-cuts are an easy, fast way to come up with art journal ideas. For instance, I made a quick abstract painted background in my small Field Artist Sketchbook, and then added these two Crate Paper ephemera die-cuts on top! It was super easy and I think it looks so cute, yet I still got to express myself creatively in a short amount of time.

Art Journal Ideas: Using Crate Paper ephemera die-cuts in my art Journal #joyfulartjournaling #artjournalideas

So how about you? How would you use these fresh and modern stickers and die-cuts in your own art journals?


Thanks my creative friend! 

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  • Just starting with art journaling in an attempt to break free from my ‘clean and neat’ card making (although I will continue to do that as well!) these could be the answer to blank page syndrome/fear and get me going! Thank you!

  • I didnt know blank page syndrome actually existed, im very creative but never been interested in art, i cudnt draw 1p piece. Ive been poorly for 18mnths i started cutting things out from wallpaper, anything and everything. I didnt know why i had no purpose just ti keep my sanity. I came across art journaling, i luv journaling and writing my own poetry. Ive done some signature pages i think these r the beginnings of different sectiins of the journal. I cant seem to put anythinv dwn on a plaine sheet. So i have the syndrome lol.
    Think im going to enjoy yur journey. X