art journal video: journaling with jules!

Even though I’m a shy person by nature, I’ve decided to make more art journal videos of my process, etc. But I’m just making baby steps to start, like in the video below where I’m just showing my hands at work. Still, I hope the video provides some insight and inspiration into my art process, that you can then use in yours! 

Before I started the video, I collected some images that generally went together (based on color more than subject or style, in this case), and then the tools I knew I’d need to put it all together, which was simply a pair of scissors and a gluestick. 

The only idea I had going in was the floral strip of paper at the bottom, and the vintage botanical illustration. Everything else was essentially improvised, which you will see peeks of during the art journal video…

It’s funny, as I gathered different things to include in the art journal video for this spread, I thought I’d use more of them than I did. I do tend to be more minimalist in my art journals, but every once in awhile I’ll just keep adding and adding until a spread is, well, more maximalist! 

Which way do your art journal pages lean? Minimal? Or filled with layers from top to bottom and back again? Let us know in the comments below! 

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