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Art Journaling and Junk Journaling Books

250+ Joyful Art Journaling Prompts: Book One

A creative flip-book with ideas and prompts that give you the courage and tools to fill your art journals today! 

This book is for anyone looking for unique ideas and prompts to help fill their art journals. It’s so simple, too!

With over 250 ideas (including colors, techniques, prompts and materials), you simply flip to a few pages and use what you find on each page to create your next art journal spread.

The combinations and possibilities are virtually endless! (And there are more of these books below!)

250+ Joyful Art Journaling Prompts: Book Two

If you’ve ever stared blankly at your art journal, or, worse yet, avoided it because you didn’t think you had any ideas for what to put in it, this book is your solution.

If you’ve been searching for (endless!) creative ideas for your art journals or junk journals…

And/or you’re new to art journaling and don’t know how to start…

250+ Joyful Art Journaling Prompts (book two) is a super fun way to fill your art journals!

With over 250 ideas (including colors, techniques, prompts, and materials) with 45+ bonus ideas in this book, you simply flip to 3 or 4 pages and use what you find on each page to create your next art journal spread. It’s really as easy as that!

How to Start an Art Journal: Art Journaling 101

Learn what art journaling is, how to art journal, the supplies needed, different types of art journals and more! 

This little book explains all the basics you need to know about how to art journal! Plus there are 28 full-color photographs to help inspire your own art journal pages.

Art journaling is a way to relax, explore your creativity, grow as an artist, visually and creatively journal your days, and so much more. It’s great for everyone – from teens to adults.

Junk Journal Vintage Women and More to Cut and Collage

The junk journal pages and ephemera in Junk Journal Vintage Women and More to Cut and Collage are perfect for your next paper craft project! Our junk journal collage books are made by and art journaler and junk journaling enthusiast and teacher.

Each page is one-sided (with a repeat image on the back of every page, so no paper is ever wasted!) Perfect for your art journals, junk journals, collage, mixed media, and more.

Paper Lovers Vintage Ephemera: 350+ Images to Cut Out and Collage

Paper Lovers Vintage Ephemera: 350+ Images to Cut Out and Collage is great for junk journalers, art journaling, scrapbooking, and other paper crafts! 

This book includes full-color (and some black and white) images of book pages, dictionary pages, book covers, wallpaper, postcards, library book cards, ledgers, music sheets, patterns, seed packets, advertisements, catalogs, magazines, newspaper clippings, packaging, illustrations, posters, textures, and more!

Vintage Women Collage Ephemera: 150+ Women to Cut Out and Collage in Full Color

Vintage Women Collage Ephemera: 150+ Women to Cut Out and Collage in Full Color is wonderful for art journaling, junk journaling, collage, mixed media projects, scrapbooking, decoupage, card-making, tags, planners, and more!

With over 50 one-sided pages in full color, these beautiful vintage images of women are largely from the Victorian Era through the Art Deco period. They come from magazines, advertisements, paintings, illustrations, books, posters, vintage ads, and other ephemera of their time.

Cut and Collage Vintage Ephemera Book: Patterns Edition has 135+ gorgeous vintage patterns!

Use them in your art journals, junk journals, collage, mixed media, scrapbooking, card making, decoupage, tags, image transfers, and other papercrafts!

You will absolutely love these stunning vintage and antique patterns. They are all printed in full, premium color, and loosely organized by color so you can quickly find exactly what you need for your projects.

Simply find the design you want, cut it out, and glue it to your project!

These full-color, crisp images are perfect for art journaling, junk journals, collage, scrapbooking, card making, decoupage, mixed media, and other paper crafts. 

Birds and fowl include parrots, ducks, owls, cockatiels, peacocks, birds of prey, doves, toucans, swans, flamingos, bluejays, woodpeckers, swallows, egrets, pheasants, hummingbirds, and many, many more!

Create stunning art journal spreads, junk journal pages, altered art, mixed media collages, art for sale, and more!

“Cut and Collage: 350+ Black and White Witchy, Weird, and Wild Vintage Ephemera Images” has over 350 vintage images of women, beasts, curiosities, outer space, dark motifs, science, magic, creatures, oddities, witches, skeletons, dark academia, celestial and more!

These black and white images are perfect for your art journals, junk journals, collage art, mixed media, scrapbooking, card/tag making, and other paper crafts.

Dark and Moody Vintage Flower Ephemera to Cut and Collage has 100+ beautiful, full-color floral vintage ephemera images!

For use in:

  • junk journals
  • art journaling
  • collage
  • card-making
  • tags
  • scrapbooks
  • decoupage
  • mixed-media art
  • and all kinds of paper crafts!

This book includes 100+ dark and moody, stunning flower paintings and illustrations, bouquets, motifs, and more.

Cut and Collage Vintage Ephemera Book: Dark Academia Edition includes over 150+ Full Color, Moody, Mystical, Stunning Vintage Images for Art Journaling, Junk Journals, Collage, Mixed Media, Scrapbooking, Card Making, Decoupage, and Other Paper Crafts!

Including images that are in the style of: Dark Academia,  Astrology, Science, Dark Cottagecore, Gothic, Moody, Witchy, Astronomy, Flowers, Magic, Creatures, Mystical, Victorian Fashion, Oddities, 
Mysterious, Celestial, And more!

Create darkly stunning art journal spreads, junk journal pages, altered art, mixed media collages, art for sale, and more!

Dark Cottagecore Junk Journal Papers to Cut Out & Use in your junk journals, art journals and more includes over 30+ full-color cottagecore images. Perfect for Art Journaling, Junk Journals, Collage, Mixed Media, Scrapbooking, Card Making, Decoupage, and Other Paper Crafts!

Coloring Books

Cute Sad Critters Coloring Book: for kids and adults

You Definitely Need This Cute Sad Critters Coloring Book, Especially if…

  • You’re tired of watching the news
  • You can’t stop doom scrolling on the Internet
  • You’ve rewatched 11 seasons of your favorite sitcom already
  • Social media bums you out
  • Your latest post didn’t go viral, again
  • You are over swiping right
  • You need a hobby and the company of some cute, sad creatures!

I mean, this is perfect for you, right?

This funny animal coloring book…wait! Is it funny?? Are they animals?? (Some look like cats or bears or bunnies, but some are just… undefinable!) Anyway, there are 25 completely unique sad animal portraits for you (or a friend!) to color.

444 Doodles to Color is a fun and relaxing doodle coloring book for adults and teens!

So many fun doodle themes! Things like: food and drinks, plants and cactus, mushrooms, flowers, Spring, desserts, birds, rainbows, kitchen items
and many more trendy and modern designs!

This doodle coloring book is for adults and teens and makes a great gift for anyone who wants to practice mindfulness and relaxation through coloring and creative activities.

These doodles are all hand-drawn by me, and 100% unique to this fun adult coloring book (I think teens would love it, too, actually.)

Coloring is relaxing! It’s fun and it can bring you joy!

Giant Coloring Book of Cute Cats

This GIANT Coloring Book of Cute Cats has 90 coloring pages for hours of coloring book fun!

It’s a generous 8.5″x11″ size, with over 180 pages (jumbo!) It makes a great gift for anyone who likes cats, coloring, or both! Included in the back are two moderately difficult cute cat patterns to color.

A super fun gift idea for birthdays, holidays, daughters, sons, nieces, nephews, class gift exchange, kids 4-8, etc. Take it on road trips, train rides, and plane rides for entertainment for hours.

Jumbo Cute Coloring Book for Toddlers with Animals and More!

These 70 BIG Cute Kawaii coloring pages for toddler girls and boys are easy and FUN to color!

There are so many things to color, like: animals, food, planets, drinks, people, plants, fruits, unicorns, mermaids, and more!

Drawn with dark, thick lines, this coloring book is filled with eye-catching drawings that toddlers will love to spend hours coloring.

With only one image per page, the little artist won’t have to worry about ruining the next coloring page with bleed-through. (Though we do recommend crayons and/or colored pencils for this coloring book.)

Outer Space Coloring Book for Kids

Hours of outer space coloring fun for boys and girls and all kids from 4-99!

This coloring book includes things to color like: spaceships, astronauts, planets, cute aliens, space scenes, UFOs, rockets, stars, cats in space and more!

Jumbo Christmas Coloring Book

A Modern Christmas Coloring Book For Kids Ages 1-4! These 50+ cute, aesthetic Christmas coloring designs are simple, with thick lines, and are perfect for little hands!

These festive coloring pages include modern holiday trees, elves, Santa, Christmas cookies, reindeer, stockings, presents and so much more. Perfect for keeping your littles coloring for hours, while you take care of all the holiday plans.

The perfect gift this holiday season for the toddler who has everything!

BIG Cute Christmas Coloring Book

Say Hello to Cute Christmas Coloring Fun!

This giant Christmas coloring book makes a great gift for kids (and adults!) With over 150 cute, fun, and relaxing designs to color, your children will be entertained for hours! (So you can go wrap presents without peeking eyes!)

These merry and bright coloring pages include Christmas trees, Santas, holiday bears, gingerbread cookies, reindeer, stockings, snowglobes, penguins, presents and so much more.


Cottagecore cat on a college rule notebook. This cute cat journal Also works great as a journal, planner, diary, and more.

This Cottagecore Vintage Aesthetic College Ruled Lined Composition Notebook is perfect for school, college, work, journaling, notes and more! Unique gift idea for any fox lover.

This Composition Notebook College Ruled has a fox in a cute cottagecore theme! It’s a lined page notebook with a fox in a cute yellow dress on the cover and it’s great for taking class notes, journaling, work or office, doodling, and more. It can also be used as a journal or planner.

Vintage cottagecore aesthetic fox notebook journal in yellow and blue.This college rule notebook journal with a fox on it is a great gift for fox lovers. Perfect for women, students, teens, the office and more!

Composition Notebook College Ruled: Cottagecore frog with yellow and white flowers. Cute gift for teens and women who love the bloomcore style. Journal, diary, planner, lined page notebook.

Composition Notebook College Ruled: Gothic lolita fox-eared manga girl in a black Victorian dress. Egirl anime illustration with furry fox ears. Journal, diary, planner and more. 

Blank Lined Journals

journal my magic

These blank, lined journals have super modern, beautiful, glossy covers. Perfect for your journaling needs.

my daily journal

These beautifully modern blank, lined journals are perfect for your everyday journaling needs. (They make great gifts, too!)

my journal

You’ll love this pretty, pink, lined journal with its modern, minimal illustrated cover (that is cool and trendy!) with a woman with black hair. Journaling is a lovely form of self-care.


With its modern aesthetic, this pretty, pink, grey and black lined journal with its modern, minimal illustrated cover (that’s super on trend!) with a woman with black hair.

All Other Books

#Booktok Book Review Journal

#Booktok Book Review Journal: Rate and Review 100 Books! | This book review journal reading log has space for your wish list, favorite books, … star and spice ratings, notes, and more

My Recipe Journal Notebook

My Recipe Journal Notebook is the perfect place to keep track of all of the recipes you make! This recipe journal book helps you create your own cookbook to come back to again and again.

Blood Sugar & Blood Pressure Log Book

This pretty blood sugar and blood pressure log book is the perfect health tracker for women and girls. It has places to track your blood sugar before and after each meal, and at alternate times. Plus there is space to track your blood pressure and pulse rate!

A Year in My Life

A Year in My Life is a 52 Week Guided Journal for Self-Discovery and Joy for Young Women with Fun Prompts!