Endless Art Journal Prompts and Ideas!

Ever since I started blogging about art journaling in 2018, the most popular statement I have gotten is: I want to art journal, but I just don’t know what to make! Then, a few years ago, I got this idea for a sort of “flip book” that would contain endless art journal prompts and ideas! 

It would have four general sections: color, materials, techniques, and ideas. The person would then flip to 3 or more pages, and combine what they saw on those pages to make an art journal page. 

For instance, in this video, I shared how I got light pink, ink, and fair…


How would you use the prompts: light pink, ink, and fair? I’d love to see! Please tag me in your videos using the prompts! 💕🖌🎟

♬ BARELY BREATHING - Grant Averill

What I personally love about these endless art journal prompts and ideas is that, not only do they give you an idea of what to create, but they are general enough that no two people will make the same things, even if they get the exact same prompts!

There was one problem, though!

When I started collecting and organizing all of the ideas I wanted to share in the book, there were actually TOO MANY. 

So I ended up with three books worth of content. And, as you can see, the second book is substantially thicker than the first! 

Learn how this book series can help you create Endless Art Journal Prompts and Ideas!

(I’m in the process of creating the third, and probably final book now! I will update this page once it has been published.)

The truth is, I love all of the books, and I think they’re all good. But I did learn as I went, and I got feedback from users on how I could make each book better. So I will fully admit that each one is even better than the last. 

If you use any or all of these books to create your own art journal spreads and share it on social media, be sure to use hashtag #joyfulartjournaling and tag me @joyfulartjournaling (on TitkTok and Instagram) so I can (hopefully!) see and share your work!