how to use your BookTok Reading Journal and Tracker

Before I get started, I want you to know one of the most important things about your printable BookTok Reading Journal and Tracker!

That is, you’ll want to print extra pages of pages 21-22 (printed as double-sided on A5 or 6″x8″ blank paper). 

How many extra? It depends on how many books you plan to read! Pages 21-22 are the actual book review pages, so you’ll need one for every book you read. 

  • Plan on reading 20 books this year? Print out 9 extra pages. 
  • Want to read 60 books this year? Print out 29 extra pages. 

I hope that’s clear, but if not, please feel free to contact me


Now let’s get down to how to actually use this tracker! 

Page 1: Write down who the book belongs to (you!) I wrote my full name, my website address, my @joyfulartjournaling handle (for both TikTok and Instagram).

Page 2-3: Copyright page and a blank page. Feel free to decorate these pages or simply leave them as-is. 

Page 4: Write in the year, how many books you want to read this year, and, at the end of the year, write in how many books you actually read. 

Page 5-7: Best books of each month and one for best of the year. Get creative and print out tiny covers of the books you choose, or simply write in the titles and author names. 

Page 8-10: TBR Pile… the books you plan on reading next or soon, with a box to mark them off / as read when you’ve finished them. 

Page 11: Book Release dates. Write in titles and dates of books you know you want to buy when they are published. 

Page 12-14: Actually Read. This is where you write down the title of books you’ve finished reading during your challenge year, and what date you finished them on. 

Page 15: Recommended Books. Have you seen a BookTok-er or Bookstagram-er recommend a book that you might want to read? Write down the title of the book and the @name of who recommended it. 

Page 16: Instant Buy Authors. Write down the name of the authors you love so much, you’ll buy any and all of their new books as they come out. 

Page 17: Wishlist. Write down books you really want to own here. 

Page 18: DNF page. Write down any books you DNF’ed (Did Not Finish) and why (too scary/racist/sexist/boring/etc.) 

Page 19-20 (and more, depending on how many extra pages you printed out): Here is the really good stuff! 

These are your actual review pages. Everything is pretty straightforward on these pages. You fill in the title, author, the date you started and finished the book, the genre (fantasy, romance, women’s lit, cozy mystery, etc.), and the format in which you read it (hardcover, paperback, ebook, audiobook, library book, etc.)

Under that there is a space for a 1-5 star rating, as well as a “spice” level, which most BookTok-ers use as a term for the level of sex (or heat) in a book. 

Next to the notes section (where the bulk of your review goes), there are tabs for different things you may want to note about the book with a highlighter pen, a simple circle, etc. (All of the acronyms are explained in the Glossary.)  

The final pages include: a daily/monthly reading habit tracker (so you can keep track of every day you read throughout the year), a Star Rating tracker (so you can add tick marks for every star rating you give, to see at the end of the year how your star ratings are spread out.) 

And finally is the glossary page (in case you forget or are unfamiliar with any terms or acronyms) and a pen test page, so you can test your pens to see if they bleed through the paper/page. 


That’s it! Everything else should be pretty self-explanatory… but if you need more help, please feel free to contact me