June Art Journal Challenge: Days 1-15

Well, we’re about halfway through the #JoyfulArtJournalingJune art journal challenge, so I thought I’d share what I’ve made so far! 

PLEASE NOTE: I’m about to talk about some things that are HARD. That are not art journal related, but I feel are important to express at this time. There is a LOT going on in the world, and a lot of it feels overwhelming. If you’d rather skip some of my thoughts and opinions on it all and just see and read about the art journals, I understand. Click here and it will skip it and take you to day one. Or, read on…

But before I get to that, I have to say that the theme I chose has been tough for a lot of people, myself included. “Joy” was the theme I chose to try to see some light during the COVID Quarantine. 

But then George Floyd was murdered. 

And while he was sadly/painfully/horrifyingly not (even close to) the first black man to be killed by the police, his death became a catalyst. A tipping point. A message to the world: this is not a right or left thing, this is a right or wrong thing. The police MUST stop killing black people. 

The truth is, I’ve been fighting white supremacy since I was 16 years old. But this time in the world has made me realize that even I have become too complacent in that fight. And the truth is, I am finally seeing some hope for REAL change. 

But yes, it’s hard to find JOY when you’re infuriated. Sick and tired. Afraid for your children… and eventually their children. Worried about everyone’s health. And lives. And more… it can be/IS overwhelming at times.

And the truth is, some days I just couldn’t get into my art journal. So I’d spend the next day catching up. I also admit I’ve been numbing out. My version of that has meant copious amounts of time spent playing Animal Crossing. 

But at the end of the day (or maybe the end of the month, in this case) I still feel that joy is not only attainable, but necessary. And powerful. What are we fighting for if not joy?

Okay… having said that, I want to share with you what I’ve made this first half of the month! (And I’ll share the second half when the month is over.) See the end of this post for a list of some of the supplies I used to make these pages.


Day 1: Joy

My Day 1 for the #JoyfulArtJournalingJune art journal challenge: joy!

In my Instagram post for this day’s prompt, I talked about how obsessed I was with Marilyn Monroe as a teen. I had pictures and posters of her all over my room for years. And while in many ways her life and story are really sad, her radiant smile still brings me so much joy! 

Day 2: Black and White

The first for Day 2 for the #JoyfulArtJournalingJune art journal challenge: black and white. I decided to do two pages for this day's prompt.

The second spread for Day 2 for the #JoyfulArtJournalingJune art journal challenge... the prompt: black and white. I decided to do two pages for this day's prompt because I kept the art journal spread simple!

For day 2 I went back to practicing line drawings of flowers (if you like these and want to learn how to draw them, too, see my review of How to Draw Modern Florals.)

Day 3: Collage

My collage for Day 2 for the #JoyfulArtJournalingJune art journal challenge... the prompt: collage.

I had fun with this little collage! I used vintage paper and images, as well as new. 

Day 4: Portrait

My art journal idea for Day 4 for the #JoyfulArtJournalingJune challenge... the prompt: portrait

I did a bit of collage as well as pencil, pen and paint for this portrait. 


Day 5: Quote

My art journal for Day 5 for the #JoyfulArtJournalingJune challenge... the prompt: quote. On this one you have to pull the card out of the pocket to read the full quote.

This is with the quote card pulled out of the pocket in my art journal for Day 5 for the #JoyfulArtJournalingJune challenge... the prompt: quote.


Day 6: Peach

Maybe my favorite so far for Day 6 for the #JoyfulArtJournalingJune challenge... the prompt: peach.

This was/is one of my favorites from the challenge so far! 

Day 7: Watercolor

For Day 7 for the #JoyfulArtJournalingJune art journal challenge prompt: watercolor, I painted on watercolor paper and then put it in an altered book I'm working on.

For this day’s prompt I actually made the watercolor on a piece of watercolor paper and then glued it into an altered book I’ve been working on.  


Day 8: Envelope

For Day 8 for the #JoyfulArtJournalingJune art journal challenge prompt: envelope.

For Day 8 for the #JoyfulArtJournalingJune challenge prompt: envelope. This is an example with the insert pulled out of the envelope in my art journal!

Day 9: Free Day

For Day 9 (free day!) for the #JoyfulArtJournalingJune challenge.

I made another fun bird-lady collage for our free day. 

Day 10: Clouds

I reused some leftovers from day 1 of the #JoyfulArtJournalingJune challenge for the day 10 prompt, clouds.

I used a powerful quote from Louisa May Alcott for day 10. 

Day 11: Home

For day 11 of the #JoyfulArtJournalingJune challenge prompt, home.

A feeling that is all too familiar for me…


Day 12: Botanical

I took it easy and just used stickers for day 12 of the #JoyfulArtJournalingJune challenge prompt, botanical.

I was super busy this day, so I just used stickers. I love it! And I love that an art journal page can be a simple, quick, and easy as this. 

Day 13: Mixed- Media

Another favorite for day 13 of the #JoyfulArtJournalingJune challenge prompt, mixed-media.

I’d definitely say this is another favorite from this challenge so far! I wasn’t sure exactly what I was going to make, but I started putting down some watercolor on the page, and the shape of a girl’s head started to appear, so I went with it! 

Day 14: Favorite Color

I couldn't choose just one for day 14 of the #JoyfulArtJournalingJune challenge prompt, your favorite color!

When I was little my favorite color was blue. In high school it was purple. Later it was red, for a long time. But then I realized, I really can’t choose one favorite! I love all the colors! Even the so called “ugly” ones. They all help enhance and beautify our world. 


Day 15: Eyes

These eyes were so fun to draw in my art journal for day 15 of the #JoyfulArtJournalingJune challenge!

I had so much fun drawing all these eyes for day 15!

So there you have it: the first 15 days of the #joyfulartjournalingjune art journal challenge! It’s not too late to join in, and make along with us when you can. See the all the daily art journal prompts for the challenge here

Besides the vintage ephemera used, most of the new art supplies I used in this art journal challenge can be found here. Some highlights include:


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