Our new line of Modern Aesthetic Lined Journals!

While the bulk of what I write about here is art journaling, I also do some more “traditional” journaling (ie., writing down thoughts, feelings, bits of my days, gratitude lists, etc.) 

But when I realized a lot of other art journalers also love to journal in more traditional ways, too, I started dreaming up how I could create some beautiful, modern aesthetic lined journals. And finally, I’ve done just that! 

These journals are simple, by design! The lined pages are there for you to fill with things like:

  • A daily diary or journal
  • Gratitude lists
  • Wish lists
  •  Quotes you love
  • Your feelings and thoughts about things that happened in the past
  • Journal about your travels
  • A bucket list (things to do before you die)
  • A fuck it list (things you never want to do again)
  • A to-do list
  • A self-love journal

Or whatever YOU like to journal about! 

So far, we have four aesthetic cover options, with more to come! Check them out: 

These modern aesthetic lined journals make great gifts for the women in your life,  millennials, moms, daughters, best friends, basically… all the cool people in your life! 😉 

They are meant for writing in (I love using these pens in mine) you can also add things like stickers, washi tape, collage with glue sticks, even these tempera paint sticks. Just nothing too “wet” like watercolor, acrylic paints, etc. 

You can always see our most current line of journals and art journaling books here